What We do

Based in Seoul we collaborate on award-winning moving image, design and digital projects for the advertising, games and music industries.

Create a reasonable and detailed visualization of design suggestion that is optimized to reflect the client's concept request.

Make well-suited technique suggestions to accurately depict client's concept and to best visualize it in the work.

Suggest technologies that go beyond the limitations of visual production and also remove the limitations for creative and stylish expression during the production stage.

Present the one and only audiovisual solution that will represent the client's values to the maximum extent.

Key visual / C.I

B.I / Display Design

Production design

Visual design / VFX solution

Post Production Design

Exhibition / Package

Promotion Design

고객사의 기본적인 컨셉에 맞는

최적의 제안을 시각적으로

구체화하여 합리적인

디자인을 작성합니다



컨셉의 정확한 표현을 위한

기법을 제시하며 최적의 시각적인 구성을 표현합니다



프러덕션의 시각적인 한계를

뛰어넘는 신기술을 제안하고

프러덕션 단계의 표현력에

제한을 없애줍니다

최적의 결과물을 통해 고객의

가치를 최대로 이끌어낼 단

하나의 시청각 솔루션입니다

20, Seongsan-ro 8-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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